A Leading Dentist fits entire team with Stealth Mask N100 Respirator Face Masks

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Leading group of dental practices chooses Stealth Mask N100 Respirator Face Masks for team

We have 13 dental practice located around the country, so overall a large team of over 100 dental professionals. Following the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, we were looking for a reliable PPE solution to protect our staff when undertaking aerosol generating procedures. We tried various disposable masks, which although were effective, suffered from lack of availability from suppliers. From one week to the next we could not be sure that there was an adequate available source of disposable masks.

This made it very difficult to plan our future operations when PPE sources were unpredictable. Thankfully, we came across the Stealth mask range following a recommendation from a dental colleague who was providing fit testing. We have now moved our entire team onto Stealth mask N100 respirator face masks and are really satisfied with the product.

Stealth masks provide an effective, low cost and easy to use solution to our needs.

The fact that the filters last for 28 days, means that we have plenty of time to order spares. The use of Stealth mask N100 respirator face mask has also helped to reduce the amount of clinical waste which was being produced at the practices with single use disposable masks making their use more environmentally friendly.

Clinical Director, A leading Dental Surgery

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