Leading face mask manufacturer Stealth Mask launches a new ecommerce website and distribution centre in US to meet growing demand.

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Stealth Mask launches in USA: Face Mask Technology Ltd, a UK leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of N100 and N99 face masks, has launched a new US website at www.stealthmask.com to meet the growing demand for face masks in the USA. N100 and N99 masks are manufactured in an 26000sq ft factory in Lancashire, England. The highly skilled team have been working at full capacity to meet the growing demand across the US markets.

Face Mask Technology under the Stealth brand have become an essential supplier to a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Industrial, Healthcare and Dental, Building and Construction, DIY and Woodwork. Stealth Mask have a robust testing system to ensure their masks meet National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards. Testers found that the Stealth N100 Respirator was at least fourteen (14) times more protective with the Stealth N99 everyday commuter mask 2.5 times more affective against airborne and dust particles including bacteria, than N95 classification requirements.

Sales Director, David Wood said: “We have been supplying our Stealth branded respirators to consumers across the UK and European markets since 2016 with growing success. Since the new President’s mandate and growing demand in the US markets for N95 Masks. we have decided to share our technology and extend our reach to consumers in America.

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, there has been a huge influx of new players in the market manufacturing face masks. In some cases, prices have more than doubled and we think everybody should have access to masks that offer the best protection, at the right price. Earlier on in the pandemic we had sources telling us about shortages and the sub-par quality of masks that were available in the marketplace, especially in the medical & healthcare sectors. I’m happy we are now in a position that we can offer support through the availability in the USA.

Our new website & logistics warehouse based in Ohio will enable customers to purchase & receive their orders within 1-2 business working days shipping across all 50 states. We have new products in the pipeline to be launched in the USA throughout 2021, but for now it’s all about getting the current Stealth range of face masks recognised for its innovative design and superior performance.

April Armstrong, Founder of www.livecovidsafe.com has been raising awareness of the different face mask available in the US market to ensure people can identify masks which will keep them fully protected. April reported: “The majority of us think that all face masks are equal, and I want to urge people to upgrade their masks to the correct protective mask, which is certified by NIOSH, and not just use a source control mask.”

If you would like to explore the range of NIOSH approved face masks, you can buy directly from www.stealthmask.com, where you can get free shipping on all purchases over $50.

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