N95 face masks are a must have. But if you can get one, be careful it’s not a fake.

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The feds have seized millions of counterfeit N95 face masks. What’s a responsible mask wearer to do? Some advice.

As we’re launching our own N95 face masks pretty soon we thought we’d give you a little back story about N95 masks and why it’s so Important to check that they’re the real deal.

In a word ‘be careful’ what you buy, as Sue Carlton, Consumer affairs reporter at the Tampa Bay times tells us in a recent in-depth expose of millions of fake masks being seized by the feds.

Su’s article is so good we thought we’d just show you the first couple of paragraphs and then head on over to sunny Tampa to read the rest:

When it comes to masks, the N95 mask is the gold standard.

Worn right, it fits tight. It filters out 95 percent of what’s floating around out there. It’s the mask you want firmly affixed to the faces of your frontline workers. The general public, alarmed by news of virus variants and calls for double-masking, wants them, too.

A year into the pandemic, N95s are still in demand. And at the same time, they’re being massively faked.

Millions of counterfeit N95s — masks that filter out 95 percent of airborne particles — have been seized by federal agents in recent weeks. Fakes have been sold to hospitals, medical facilities and government entities, and potential victims in several states have been warned they may have unwittingly paid for impostors.

The problem: Someone wearing what’s supposed to be an N95 could assume there’s more protection than exists. Fakes aren’t tested at strict N95 standards and could be risky for workers treating patients who have COVID-19.

To read the rest of the article click here to go straight to the Tampa Bay Times

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