From the factory floor: Stealth Mask N100 reusable face mask design engineer James Shabot

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From the factory floor…

Yes, we provide a range of N100 reusable face masks, but Stealth Mask is much more than that. At Stealth, people are the heart of our business, and it takes an army to produce high quality N100 reusable safety face masks. From our fabulous office support staff to our dedicated warehouse supervisors, all our employees play a pivotal role in the manufacturing and the production of Stealth Masks. 

Over the coming weeks, we are going to be interviewing some of our key workers so you get a better insight into the ‘faces behind the face masks’. This week, we are up close and personal with our innovative Design EngineerJames Shabot – who researches, develops and designs all our face masks and other respiratory equipment. 

So, James, how long have you been working at Stealth Mask for?

Coming up to 6 years!

What are your daily responsibilities, and how do you keep everything so together amongst the craziness?

My main responsibilities are designing and developing new and existing products. However, I am often required to help in lots of other areas such as resolving issues with production processes etc. Most days are manic but if I make time for a good coffee then I can keep going.

What do you find challenging in your job?

Getting new mask certified fast enough for the huge increase in demand the market has seen since the coronavirus pandemic hit hard.

What is it like to work at Stealth Mask? And how would you describe the culture?

It is very fast paced and can be hard to keep up at times, but we have great team who help each other out when needed. 

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Achieving certification and bringing new products to market. It is great to see something you played a big part in designing being sold to the end user and helping to protect people in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now we are moving on to the quickfire round:

  1. What would we be surprised to learn about you? I love house music and DJ’ing with my mates in my dedicated party room. Well I say dedicated but it is my daughter’s playroom by day!
  2. Beach holiday or a city break? A sunny hot beach holiday all the way for a relaxing break, but city breaks are good for the culture.
  3. What is the best piece advice you have received? That it is good to be ambitious and strive to succeed in your career but not to forget to appreciate what you currently have and how far you have come. Most importantly do not forget to enjoy yourself throughout life’s journey!
  4. What is something you will not be doing in ten years? Not changing nappies. 
  5. What makes you laugh no matter what? Socialising with family and friends.
  6. Do you have a nickname, if so, what is it? I have many nicknames, the most common is Shabs. A variant of that is Shabba which always prompts a certain song by shabba ranks my mates like to remind me of.
  7. What is your favourite season? Summer for the festivals, enjoying the outdoors and longer days. Although Winter does have its place, but it would be ideal if it could be shortened so we could have longer summers. Especially since the pandemic has robbed us all of a proper summer this year.
  8. What are you listening to at the moment? I like a lot of music but my main passion is house music. My favourite DJ’s at the moment are Hot Since 82 and Maceo Plex.
  9. What did you want to be when you were growing up? When I was very young I remember saying I would like to have an ice cream van so I could eat all the ice cream I wanted. I was obviously too young to understand the many flaws in that plan.
  10. Skiing or Surfing? Skiing, I’ve yet to do either but surfing seems like there’s a lot of messing around trying to catch the waves as there a moving target. Whereas skiing, those mountains aren’t going anywhere!

Stay tuned for next week’s ‘From the shop floor’, where we will be up close and personal with another one of Stealth Mask’s fantastic employees. And if you have any questions you want us to ask, please comment below!

All Stealth Mask products including our Medical & Industrial N100 Respirator Face Mask, and N99 Lite for everyday use and replacement filters are available at

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join Stealth Mask. If you’d like to talk to us about job opportunities please message via our facebook at

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